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My Father and Uncle

Grew up in and around Globe, Arizona. Both were copper miners and loved rocks and minerals. Being creative, they realized the uniqueness of “splashed copper” from their mining days and began purchasing copper from the local copper mines over twenty years ago. Collaborating with a small local foundry, we melt the copper, and using a variety of iron ladles in various sizes, the molten copper is splashed onto a steel plate to get the unique abstract artwork available today. The residue on the ladles is then popped out, creating stunning bowls and vases. Once it’s cooled, it is polished and given a heat patina finish, creating a beautiful array of color.

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Splash of Copper Art Gallery & Gifts

After the passing of my father, I relocated back to Globe, where I opened Splash of Copper Art Gallery & Gifts, featuring our unique copper splash, dripped copper trees, bowls, vases, hearts, butterflies, crosses, and Kokopelli created by our family. In addition to these beautiful pieces, we feature the works of more than 50 additional artists, plus many gifts for every occasion.

In addition to our retail shop, we offer wholesale purchasing for retailers or artists, clean your precious metals, host art classes and special events, and create a variety of custom copper artwork.