Splash of Copper Art Gallery & Gifts is now open at 656 N. Broad Street, Globe, AZ!

6268 N 88th Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85305, US
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Events at Splash of Copper Art Gallery & Gifts

Events at Splash of Copper Art Gallery & Gifts

Events at Splash of Copper Art Gallery & Gifts Events at Splash of Copper Art Gallery & Gifts Events at Splash of Copper Art Gallery & Gifts

What We Offer



Copper splash comes in a variety of sizes from approximately 1" x 1" up to approximately 4' x 5'.  Each piece is unique, as the copper is melted in a smelter and "splashed" onto a steel plate.  The designs are randomly formed as the copper cools.  Once it is cooled, it is polished and given a heat patina creating amazing colors!



Copper bowls are created as the melted copper residue forms on the iron ladles used to "splash" the copper.  Bowls come in five sizes (small, medium, large, jumbo and extra large). They are polished and given a heat patina to create amazing colors!



These copper vases are stunning!  Created from copper residue that builds up during the smelting process, these are one-of-a-kind pieces of art, polished and given a heat patina. Although they are not made to hold water or fresh flowers, these are stunning with a candle or used as a centerpiece that will become a focal point for sure!

Oak Trees


Our trees are individually created by dripping copper wire one drip at a time with a hand-held torch.  Each piece is polished and given a heat patina to bring out the beautiful colors in the copper.  We offer standing oak trees in three sizes and  wall oak trees in eight sizes.

Pine Trees


Like the oak trees, our pine trees are one-of-a-kind dripped copper wire works of art.  They are also polished and given a heat patina.  There are three sizes of standing pines and five sizes of the wall ones!



A Native American fertility god who is very popular in the Southwest.  He dances and plays his flute.  These pieces are created by shaping and dripping copper wire, then polished and given a heat patina.  We offer four different sizes and are often grouped together when decorating.

Splash Circles


Created the same way as our abstract splash, the circles are not as random, but rather a little more controlled and form a "circle" or a splash with an opening which can be used as a frame for a photo, mirror, or other artwork.  They come in a variety of sizes up to approximately 2' x 3'.

Painted Copper Splash


We partner with a local group of artists with special needs in the Phoenix area who paint on our copper splash.  Each piece is uniquely created and truly a labor of love.  Contact us for a current list of pieces!

Copper Nails


We are often asked the best way to hang our artwork, so we created these beautiful nails. These dripped copper nail heads are a compliment to our other copper art pieces and are used to hang splash, trees or whatever you'd like!  

Framed Copper


Sometimes people have a difficult time visualizing how to hang an abstract shaped piece of artwork, so we've made it simple.  Just choose from several sizes of preselected copper pieces mounted on leather and frames in handmade wooden frames.  Each one unique with copper and/or leather enhancements.



The copper lizard is one of the newest creations in our Southwest lineup!  It comes in two sizes and is a solid piece of copper poured into a mold.  It's a great addition to your southwest decor!

Copper Wall Scenes


These are definately one-of-a-kind original pieces of intricate copper art created exclusively by Haley.  Each one features splash, as well as handmade wire ornaments that add to the beauty of each piece.  These are special order and may take up to 6 weeks to create.  Available scenes include Mountain, Desert or Western themes.

Dripped Copper Cactus


Saguaro cacti, a Southwest desert succulent, created by dripping copper.  These cacti come in three sizes and are made to hang.  

Dripped Copper Mini Designs


Choose from a cowboy hat, cowboy boot or Saguaro cactus.  Approximately 3" tall.

Copper Spark Candles


A beautiful 8 oz. candle with copper shavings throughout which gives off a spark of color with the touch of the flame.  The bay rum fragrance is a warm mixture of allspice, caper, clove, nutmeg, orange, pine, patchouli and vanilla.  Each candle comes with a small dripped copper floral accent.

Pendant Lights


These beautiful pendant lights come ready to hang.  Approximately 15" to 18" in diameter and 15" tall these copper shades are colored with heat to capture the pure beauty of the copper itself.  Each light comes with your choice of fixture either in a polished chrome or antique bronze finish with a rod that can be extended up to 72".  Additional extentions are available, if needed.

Copper Cones with Stand


These small cone shaped copper vessels are fun unique way to display small plants, candy, potpourri, or soaps.  Or, just leave them empty for a beautiful decorative addition to a shelf or table. 

Business Card Holders


Beautifully designed copper business card holders made from our copper splash with a copper succulent with a touch of oxidation.  A unique gift for that hard to buy for business person!